Saturday, 28 November 2009

If you had three wishes...

If you had three wishes what would YOU choose?

I have never ever known the answer to this question, ever since the panto days of my youth, with the magic Genie or the fairy godmothers. Any of those sneaky characters that offered three wishes. You cant just keep asking for more wishes, that's just fair nor right. I’ve had a few ideas over the years but none of them very tenable, none of them was I actually prepared to commit to. But today I thought of a defo.

1. Spend 24 hours being able to go back in time & see people you know when they were younger. Watch your mum in her hay day. Being sassy and drunkenly witty. Admire your father being all businessey and efficient, driving fast like a lunatic but managing not to kill himself (or others.) Watch your partner as a child learn some important lesson and become stronger, more wholesome from it. Watch people being born. See how your parents fell in love. Listen to conversations about you as a baby. Laugh at the clothes people wore, the way their homes were decorated. Visit each of your grandparents when your baby parents were enjoying bath time. Watch them get married. Maybe even find an hour to go way back and see Einstein, or Galileo, or Tolkien or Buddha. I think it would be 24 hours well spent.

Wish 2 and 3 are still to be confirmed. What would you choose?

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