Saturday, 26 September 2009

Moving Memories in Mind 13.10.07

Unforgettable traces swirling through our souls, living minds incomplete without histories memory made within you forever, untouchable scars, searching for the key to lock away in the distance pain that cannot exist in our futures.

Soft whispering lights flash through memories, passing like cars on a highway. Some fast, some slow, almost formless, all dark and weary at night. Like moths pulled towards them, irresistible in the mist. Unconscious recall, some not worth the judgement lain only in your passing minds eye. Some so joyful they deserve to be relived again, full glory, full monty until dark.

And then..

Like soft feathers on a sun kissed wind, they swirl until finally they lay at peace, at rest in a bright place where even the sad memories are at peace and happy to just be.

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